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Posted November 2004


The District of Kensington

††††††††††† This part of Kensington has nice shops, good food and the beautiful gardens.You can take a tour of parts of the Palace, which also has a nice gift shop.


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.That is page 123 and grid A1.


Britannia (Young's) Kensington [75 J3]

1 Allen St W8

High Street Kensington Station


Catherine Wheel (Nicholson's) Kensington [75 K2]

23 Kensington Church St W8 at Holland St

High Street Kensington or Notting Hill Stations

††††††††††† I found this to be a good spot to stop in my walk between Stations. They have a nice selection of ale and it is a well-run pub. They always have a clean Gents room.


Churchill Arms (Fuller's) Kensington [75 J1]

119 Kensington Church St W8 at Campden St

Phone 020 7727-4242

Notting Hill Gate Station

This pub is a short walk from the Station but a walk to a fine place to collect your thoughts. One side of the bar has a restaurant, which can get very active at mealtime. On the other side is the out of the way spot with a warm fireplace. You should spot are the portraits of the US Presidents and UK Prime Ministers. They are located on different walls of the pub.


Goat (Scottish-Courage) West Kensington [75 K2]

3a Kensington High Street W8

Phone 020 7937-1213

High Street Kensington Station

High Street can be quite busy during the afternoon and evening rush hour. If you happen to be near here and want to get away from the rat race this is the cubbyhole you want to scurry to. A fine drink will be served and you can enjoy it like a gentleman.

An Off-License at the front of the pub was removed and replaced with tables.Prior to my January 1998 trip.

Greyhound (Scottish-Courage) Kensington [75 K2]

1 Kensington Square W8

Phone 020 7937-7140

High Street Kensington Station


Hansom Cab

Earlís Court Raod W8 at Pembrook Square

High Street Kensington Station


Old Swan Kensington [75J1]

206 Kensington Church St W8 off Nottinghill Gate

Notting Hill Gate Station


Prince of Wales


Scarsdale West Kensington [75 H3]

23a Edwardes Sq. W8 near Pembrook Square

Phone 020 7937-1811

High Street Kensinton Station


Tavern on the Park (Wm. Younger) Kensington [76 A2]

Kensington Rd W8 at De Vere Gardens

Phone 020 7937-3121

High St. Kensington Station

The sign says it's the last pub before Albert Hall. Well what if you are walking in the other direction?


Windsor Castle Kensington

114 Campden Hill W8 at Peel St

Phone 020 7727-8491

High Street Kensington or Notting Hill Gate Stations

††††††††††† The pub has doors inside that are rather short.