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Posted November 2004


The Districts of Bayswater & Paddington

††††††††††† Other than the London Toy and Model Museum one would not expect to find much here if looking at a map.But Queensway is the street you want to be.A blend of shops and restaurants mix well with the nearby pubs to make this a self contained community. The full length Edgware Road is lined with excellent Middle Eastern restaurants.My favorite is The Lebanese Restaurant at 60 Edgware Rd.There are more pubs here but I have not gotten to them yet.Give me time.


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.That is page 123 and grid A1.


Archery Tavern Paddington [138 B9]

4 Bathurst St W2 behind Bayswater Rd

Phone 020 7402-4916

Lancaster Gate Station


Ashes (formerly Chef & Brewer) became Bar Oz

51 Moscow Rd W2


Bar Oz Bayswater [60 K7] formerly Ashes

51 Moscow Rd W2 at Bark Place

Bayswater or Queensway Stations

††††††††††† I had forgotten the name of this pub before the Aussi's took over.This is a nice pub to be sure but maybe too young of a crowd for me. Lisa Pendill of Bayswater emailed me in 2002 to tell me the old name was Ashes and thought it was a much nicer pub then. Thanks Lisa.


Black Lion Bayswater [59 K7]

123 Bayswater Rd W2 just off Queensway.

Phone 020 7229-0917

Bayswater or Queensway (closer) Stations

This is an excellent pub to either start or finish your tour of the Bayswater shopping circuit.They have a few good ales and plenty of room for drinking or having a meal.


Champion Bayswater

1 Wellington Terrace W2?

Palace Court W2 at Ossington St

Phone: 020 7243 9531

Queensway-Bayswater Station


Dickens Tavern (formerly Chef & Brewer) Paddington

25 London St W2 South of Praed St

Phone: 020 7262 2365

Paddingon Station

††††††††††† Once a long time ago, probably during Dickinsonís time, Paddington Station was called Praed Station. Yes, I do have too much free time but the pubs close too early.


Duke of Kendell (Free House) Bayswater-Paddington [138 D8]

Connaught W2 at Kendal

Phone: 020 7723-8487 Web-site www.dukeofkendal.tripod.com

Paddington or Marble Arch Stations

††††††††††† Mick and Lynne are the owners and Steve Beer does the web site. My first visit was in January 2003 and was glad I did (more than once). You feel like you are going into your local the moment to step in. The staff and regulars are friendly and things just get better during the Monday night sing-a-long. Yes, thatís why the piano is in the seating area.


Fountains Abbey Paddington [138 B7]

109 Praed St W2 at Norfolk

Paddington Station


Great Western []

Sale Place W2

Edgware Rd or Paddington Stations


Kings Head Bayswater

33 Moscow Rd W2 at Poplar Place

Bayswater or Queensway Stations


Leinster Arms

17 Leinster Terrace W2

Phone 020 7723-5757

Queensway or Lancaster Gate Stations


Mad Bishop & Bear

Paddington Rail Station, W2 First floor-lawn

Phone: 020 7402-2441

Paddington Station

††††††††††† See Whatís Brewing, page 186


Mitre Paddington [60 A7]

24 Craven Terrace W2

Phone 020 7262-5240

Queensway or Lancaster Gate Stations


Prince Alfred Bayswater

Queensway W2 at Porcester Gardens

Bayswater or Queensway Stations


Rat & Parrot Bayswater [59]

99 Queensway W2 at Moscow Rd

Phone: 020 7727 0259

Queensway or Bayswater Stations


Rob Roy (Iona Bar Scottish Pub Co) [138 C6] www.ionabars.com

8/9 Sale Place W2 1PX at St. Michaels St

Phone: 020 7262 6403

Edgware Rd or Paddington Stations


Royal Exchange [138 C6]

Star St W1 off Edgware Rd

Edgware Rd or Paddington Stations


Sir Alexander Fleming (Whatneys) Paddington [138 B7]

St. Michaelís St W2 at Bouverie Place

Paddington Station


Sawyerís Ale House (formerly Chef & Brewer) Paddington

8 London St W2


Sussex Arms Paddington

London St W2 at Sussex Gardens

Paddington Station


Swan (formerly Chef & Brewer)

66 Bayswater Rd W2


Tavestocks(Scottish-Courage) Paddington [138 B7]

109 Praed St W2 off Norfolk Place

Phone 020 7723-2364

Lancaster Gate or Edgware Road Stations


Victoria (Fullers) Paddington [138 B9]

10a Strathearn Square W2 at Sussex Place

Phone 020 7724-1191

Paddington Station

††††††††††† A very nice sports pub. I say nice because it was enjoyable to be here during an afternoon match (Jan 2003). The lads were well behaved but I think it was due to the team losing. This Victorian-era pub itself is very attractive and displays some great glass mirrors. If you want to have a pint, study architecture or root for the team this is the pub.