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Posted November 2004


The District of Notting Hill

The Notting Hill tube will bring you to the start of the Portobello Road shops (Saturday morning is best) or a nice walk down Kensington Church Street (in the W8 postal code). The Notting Hill Carnival takes place during the last weekend on August.


The Pubs

            The coordinates [123 A1] locates the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.  That is page 123 and grid A1.



Westbourne Grove W11 near Needham Rd

North of Notting Hill Gate Station


Devonshire Notting Hill [75 J1] Closed as a pub

Pembridge Rd W11 at Notting Hill Gate

Notting Hill Gate Station


Duke of Wellington (Young's, formerly a Free House) Notting Hill

Portobello Rd W11 at Elgin Cr. (I believe)

Notting Hill Gate or Landbroke Grove Stations

The old timers still call it Finch’s as it was known when it was a part of the chain.


Earl of Longsdale (Samuel Smith) Notting Hill

277 Westbourne Grove W11 at Portobello Rd

Notting Hill Gate or Landbroke Grove Stations

Probably the best place to rest during your shopping spree on Portobello Road.  There is a lot of room around the bar and there is a good size dining room in the rear.  The décor is just what you would expect to see in a proper English pub.  They do not serve food until noon but I would steak out a table and queue at the food service early.  Saturday is the day all the tourist of the world comes to Portobello Road to shop for antiques.  With this pub being in the thick of things expect a good turnout here just before opening. The pub was refurbished in late 1987.


Portobello Star (Whitbread) Notting Hill

Portobello Rd W11

Notting Hill Gate or Landbroke Grove Stations

            OK so I forgot to write down the cross streets.  Even if I did you may have a hard time finding this pub on a Saturday morning since they are in the thick of the Portobello Road antiques.