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Posted November 2004


The District of Knightsbridge

††††††††††† Knightsbridge has Royal Albert Hall, The Museum of Natural History and Harrods. Did I tell you that Harrods in postcode SW3?


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book. That is page 123 and grid A1.


Anglesea Arms Chelsea [76 B5]

15 Selwood Terrace SW7 off Fulham Rd

Phone 020 7373-7960

S. Kensington/Gloucester Road Stations


Black Widow (Eerie Pub Co) South Kensington

25 Gloucester Rd SW7 at Elvatson

(Between Cronwell Rd and Kensington)

Phone 020 7589 0905, Web www.eeriepubco.com

Gloucester Road Station


Crown & Sceptre Knightsbridge [144 D6] could be SW7

Brompton Rd. SW3 at Montpelier

Knightsbridge Station


Ennismore Arms (Scottish-Courage) Knightsbridge [144 C6]

2 Ennismore Mews SW7 at Ennismore St

Knightsbridge Station

The English would describe this pub simply as "lovely". It is easy to find if you are coming from Kensington Road. Just turn down Ennismore Gardens. But if you are on Brompton Road near the museums then you need my help. Turn into Cheval Place and walk around until you see a brick wall. Go through the opening and turn left. Walk straight away into the Ennismore Arms.


Hoop and Toy (formerly Chef & Brewer) South Kensington SW7 [144 B8]

South Kensington Station

34 Truloe St SW7 (Turn right at the top of the stairs and exit the Station)

This pub is just around the corner of the Station and near some major museums in Knightsbridge.They have a nice Sunday lunch.


London Apprentice (Scottish-Courage) Kinghtsbridge

62 Church St SW7

Phone 020 7560-1915

††††††††††† I am still investigating this location.The A-Z book has no Church Street in SW7 yet I know of this pub.I have to remember to take notes then start drinking.


Stanhope Arms

South Kensington [76 A4]

97 Gloucester Rd SW7 across from the Station

Gloucester Road Station


Tattershall Belgravia [144 E5]

Raphael St SW7

Knightsbridge Station


Note, this may be at the confluence of two or three post-codes.


Tea Clipper (Scottish-Courage, formerly Chef & Brewer) Knightsbridge [144 D6]

19 Montpeller St SW7 at Montpeller Place

Phone 020 7589-5251

Knightsbridge Station


Zetland Arms (Scottish-Courage, formerly Chef & Brewer) South Kensington [144 A8]

2 Bute St SW7 off Brompton Rd

Phone 020 7589-3813

South Kensington Station

My first visit was January 2001. If you are looking for a nice pub that has old world appearance, home cooking and good beer, then you want to be here.