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Posted November 2004


The Districts Pubs of Chelsea & Brompton

††††††††††† Walking down Kingís Road from Sloane Square station to Oakley Road is very nice but it has always left me with the suspicion that people here shop all the time.SW3 also takes in Brompton near Harrods.I donít have to explain Harrods do I?


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.That is page 123 and grid A1.


Admiral Codrington Brompton [144 D8]

17 Mossop St SW3 between Draycott Ave and Ives St

South Kensington or Sloane Square stations


Australian (Nicholson's) Brompton [144 E8]

29 Milner St SW3 at Ovington St

Phone 020 7589-6027

South Kensington or Sloane Square stations

††††††††††† This is a nicely appointed pub with a sporty look to it.That is if you like Cricket.The pub sports a few game machines, but this looks like a fine place for ladies and gents.


Blenheim Chelsea [76 C5]

27 Cale St SW3

South Kensington station


Bunch of Grapes (formerly Chef & Brewer) Brompton [144 D7]

207 Brompton Rd SW3 at Yoeman Row

South Kensington station

††††††††††† This is a fine pub indeed.Well built and well staffed it is an attraction in itself.It lays half way between the museums and Harrods and should be on your hot list of places to go. A trap door from behind the bar leads to the basement for the staff.


Chelsea Potter Chelsea Formerly The Commercial

119 King's Rd SW3

Sloane Square station


Cooper's Arms (Young's) Chelsea

87 Flood St SW3

Phone 020 7376-3120

Sloane Square station


Enterprise Brompton [144]

35 Walton St SW3 at First St

Phone 020 7584-3148

South Kensington or Knightsbridge stations


Front Page Chelsea

35 Old Church St SW3

Phone 020 7352-0648

Sloane Square station


Green Man Pub Knightsbridge/Brompton [144 E6]

Harrods Department Store SW3

Knightsbridge station

The Green Man is everything you would expect in a quaint English pub.Rich wood paneling, several hand pumps with some of Briton's best ales.Unfortunately you need a king's salary to buy a beer.


Henry J. Beans Chelsea

Kings Road near Oakley St.

Sloane Square Station


Hour Glass Brompton [144 D7]

279 Brompton Rd SW3 at Egerton Crescent Garden

Phone 020 7589-9314

South Kensington station


Kings Head & Eight Bells Chelsea [76 C6] Closed as a pub in 2002

Closed during the summer of 2003 and reopened as La Chaumiere, a posh French style restaurant with a set menu at ₤50 per person. This was reported in Whatís Brewing, February 2003, page 4.

50 Cheyne Walk SW3 at Cheyne Row

Phone 020 7352-1820

Sloane Square station

Entry written prior to Feb. 2003: This is quite a walk from the station but well worth the walk down Kings Road.Left on Oakley and right on Cheyne Row and youíre in one of Londonís best.It has a good size bar and plenty of table space.Diners can eat in the rear.They have a very good selection of real ales including many Belgian bottles.This pub was established in 1580.Itís such a nice local that they still have quiz night.


Man in the Moon Chelsea (S&N)

No longer a pub per summer 2003


Queen's Arms (Charles Wells) Brompton [144 D8]

94 Draycott Ave SW3 Could be 96

South Kensington station


Queens Head Chelsea

Tyron SW3 at Elystan Pl

Their web-site, queensheads.net has closed and the domain is for sale (Nov. 2004)

Sloane Square Station

††††††††††† Two bar pub with separate entrances. The corner door opens to a small saloon bar whereas the side door opens to a lounge bar. Judging from what I saw I think this was a gay bar but well received by everyone on Sunday afternoon, Jan 2003.


Trafalgar Chelsea [76 E5] Formerly The Lord Nelson

200 Kingís Road SW3 at Flood St

South Kensington or Sloane Sq. stations

This is a well known pub as it is a very large and accommodating place. It is very active, even during the day. Quite the place to be for a game.


Wellesley Arms Chelsea []

Sydney St SW3 at Britten St

Sloane Square Station

Nice looking corner pub.


Worldís End (Hall & Woodhouse)

459 Kings Road SW3

Phone 020 7376-8946