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Posted November 2004


The Districts of Pubs of Belgravia, Pimlico Westmister & St. James

This is probably the largest postal code in London and I am surprised it has not been broken into smaller areas.  Since this is a directory and not an aid in pub-crawling I am leaving all SW1 pubs grouped together here.


The Pubs

            The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.  That is page 123 and grid A1.


Adam and Eve (Scottish-Courage) Westminster [145 M6]

81 Petty France SW1 at Palace St

Phone 020 7222-4575

St. James Station

            Although it is not this pub, the Adam and Eve was the name given to the first pub to open in England. I have this information but need to update this entry.


Albert (Scottish-Courage, formerly Chef & Brewer) Westminster [146 A6]

52 Victoria St SW1 at Buckingham Gate

Phone 020 7222-5577

St. James Park Station

            Interior or exterior features are architecturally impressive.

This is on of London's most beautiful pubs with its cut glass windows, rich wood bar and original gas lamps.  One could sit here for hours just admiring the rooms, as one would do so in a museum.  Everything about this pub is just right.  During the evening the pub offers a relaxing atmosphere for a drink with friends or maybe something a bit more intimate.  Daylight brings out the full beauty of the windows.  Food is available at the bar as well as in the second floor restaurant.  The staircase is a central feature on this pub as it is as grand as ever you will find.  The Albert is a short walk from Parliament or Victoria Station and is close to New Scotland Yard.  Many European bus tours make this a stop so I would use caution if a number of tour-buses were standing out front.  The problem being that it may take longer to get a pint.  Stand fast, act English and you could start a conversation with the nations of the world.


Antelope (Nicholson's) Belgravia [145 G8]

22 Eaton Terrace SW1

Phone 020 7730-7781

Sloane Square Station

A small, unmodified pub that is off the beaten path.  This is very much a "local' pub.


Bag O’ Nails (T J Bernard) Belgravia/Victoria  [145 K7]

6 Buckingham Palace Rd SW1 at Lower Grosvenor Place

Phone 020 7828-7003

Victoria Station

Just across the Mews of Buckingham Place, this is a nice corner pub in which to have a drink after viewing the changing of the guard.  The pub is open 7 days a week and weekends should be the quite time here.


Barley Mow (Watneys) Westminster [146]

104 Horseferry Rd. SW1 opposite Regency Place

Phone 020 7222-2330

St. James Park Station


Blue Post (Inntrepreneur) St. James [145 L2]

6 Bennet St SW1 (off St. James’s St) at Arlington St

Phone 020 7493-3350

Green Park Station


Buckingham Arms (Young's) Westminster [145 M6]

62 Petty France SW1 at Vandon Passage  (across from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards)

Phone 020 7222-3386

St. James Station


Cardinal Westminster [145 M8]

23 Francis St SW1

Phone 020 7834-7260

Victoria Station


Cask & Glass (Shepherd Neame, formerly Chef & Brewer) Westminster [145 L6]

39 Palace St SW1

Phone 020 7834-7630

St. James Park Station


Chequers (Inntrepreneur) St. James [145 M2]

16 Duke St SW1 at Ryder St

Phone 020 7930-4007

Green Park Station 


Clarence (Inntrepreneur, formerly Clifton Inns’, formerly Chef & Brewer)

Westminster [146 C2]

53 Whitehall SW1 at Great Scotland Yard

Phone 020 7930-4808

Charing Cross Station

This pub is at best below average in appearance.  Its décor is poor and unexciting.  The beer on the other hand is not bad.  Stop in if you are doing a Whitehall pub-crawl. 


Cockney Pride St. James [145]

6 Jermyn St. SW1

Piccadilly or Green Park Stations


Colonies (Inntrepreneur, formerly Chef & Brewer) Westminster [145 L6]

25 Wilfred St SW1 at Catherine St (Catherine Pl. in A-Z 145 L6)

Phone 020 7834-1407

St. James Park Station


Country Pub in London Pimlico [145 K9]

52 Cambridge St SW1

Phone 020 7834-5281

Pimlico Station


Dog & Trumpet (Taylor-Walker) Soho [139]

38 Great Marleborough St SW1

Phone 020 7437-5559

Oxford Station


Duke of Wellington Belgravia

63 Eaton Terrace SW1

Sloane Square Station


Duke of York Victoria [145 K7]

130 Victoria St SW1 at Allington St Could be 132

Phone 020 7834-4522

Victoria Station


Ebury Arms (Free House) Pimlico [145 J9] May be closed

11 Pimlico Rd SW1 at Buckingham Palace Rd

Sloane Square Station

This is a rather large pub that has a lot of room to move around in.  It has fine ales and is most interesting.  It is very close to the Orange Brewery.  Do not pass this one by.

            The building is still standing but looked permanently closed Jan 2003 tour.


Feathers Wesminster

Broadway SW1, south of the station

St. James Park Station


Fox and Hounds (Charrington Free House) Belgravia [76 E5]

29 Passmore St SW1 and Slone St off Pimlico

Phone 020 7730-6367

Sloane Square Station

It became a Young’s pub as of 2000. It was licensed to sell beer and wine only but started to sell spirits on 9 October 1999.


Gallery (Free House) Pimlico [77 F5]

1 Lupus St SW1

Phone 020 7821-7573

Pimlico Station

Near the Tate Britain


Gloucester (Scottish-Courage, formerly Chef & Brewer) Belgravia-Brompton [144 F5]

187 Sloane St SW1 at Harriet St

Phone 020 7235-0298

Sloane Square Station


Golden Lion (Nicholson's) St. James [145]

25 King St SW1

Green Park or Piccadilly Station

Opposite Christies' auction house. 


Graftons (formerly Chef & Brewer) Westminster [146 A6]

2 Strutton Ground SW1 at Victoria

Phone 020 7222-7310

St. James Station


Grenadier (Watney, formerly Chef & Brewer) Belgravia [145 G5]

18 Wilton Row SW1

Phone 020 7235-3074

Knightsbridge or Hyde Park Station

Very out-of-the-way in the mews.  Look for the sentry booth out front.  This was the mess for the Duke of Wellington’s officers so it does have a military look to it.


Horse & Groom Belgravia [145 G6]

Kinnerton St SW1 at Motcomp St

Knightsbridge Station

This corner pub tries to be polite to everyone.  They have their local customers in the evening and the office workers for lunch.  The locals are reminded with a sign that reads "no dogs during lunch".


The sign on the door says “No dogs during lunch” so you know they take their food seriously.  But this also shows this to be a friendly "local" pub.


Jugged Hare (Fuller’s) Victoria

172 Vauxhall Bridge Rd SW1

Phone 020 7828-1543

Victoria or Pimlico Stations

They are open all the permitted hours but they may not be serving food on Sunday evenings.  A balcony has an additional dining area.


Kings Arms (Scottish-Courage, formerly Chef & Brewer) Westminster [145 K6]

77 Buckingham Palace Rd SW1 at Bressenden Pl

Phone 020 7834-7324


Lord High Admiral (Ind Coope) Pimlico

43 Vauxhall Bridge Rd SW1

Phone 020 7828-3727

Victoria Station


Lord Moon of the Mall (JD Wetherspoon Free House) Westminster [146 C2]

16-18 Whitehall SW1

Phone 020 7839-7701

Charing Cross Station

This pub is so large (it was once a bank) they use closed circuit TV to keep track of their pint glasses.


Lowndes Arms (Inntreprenneur) Belgravia [145 G7]

37 Chesham St SW1

Victorial or Sloane Square Stations


Morpeth Arms (Young's) Westminster [76]

58 Millbank SW1

Phone 020 7834-6442

Pimlico Station

Near the Tate (now called the Tate Britain)


Nag’s Head (Fuller's) Belgravia [145 G5]

53 Kinnerton St SW1

Phone 020 7235-1135

Hyde Park Corner Station


Old Shades Whitehall [146]

37 Whitehall St SW1

Phone 020 7930-4019

Charing Cross Station


Old Star and Crown (Whitebread) Westminster [146 A6]

66 Broadway SW1

Phone 020 7222-8755

St. James Park Station


Orange Brewery (Scottish-Courage Brew pub) Belgravia [use 145 H9]

37 Pimlico Rd. SW1 at St. Barnabas St.

Phone 020 7730-5984 or 020 7824 -8002

Sloane Square Station

Someone usually has a dog.  They have been known to make a great hot toddy in winter too.  Drink the SW2 (1050) and you will fly back.  A Mild ale called SW1 and a robust porter called Pimlico Porter.  Believe it or not many London bartenders never heard of Porter, but that's another story.  Cellar tours can be arranged to see how the beer is crafted or just look through the hole in the floor.


Pages Westminster [146 B8]

75 Page St SW1

Phone 020 7834-6791

Victoria or Pimlico Station


Paviours Arms (Fuller’s) Westminster SW1

Neville House, Page Street SW1

Phone 834-2150

Pimlico or St. James Stations

Closed in May 2003 for demolition and I do not know the status as of 2004.


Paxton’s Head

153 Knightsbridge SW1

Phone 020 7589-6627

Knightsbridge Station


Phoenix (formerly Chef & Brewer) St. James [145 L6]

14 Palace St. SW1 at Stag Place

Phone 020 7834-3547

St. James Station


Pig & Whistle

14 Little Chester St SW1


Plumbers Arms (formerly Chef & Brewer) Belgravia [145 J7]

14 Lower Belgrave St SW1

Phone 020 7730-4067

Victoria Station


Red Lion (Punch Retail Pub) Westminster [146 C4]

48 Parliament St SW1 at Derby Gate

Phone 020 7930-5326

Westminster Station

            Conversation is what pubs are all about and being the closest pub to Parliament kind of forces the issue.  Any issue.  Pubs have few if no stools in order to promote talk and the RL has only a few.  It does have a direct cable TV link to the Houses of Parliament so getting into a conversation with somebody may be hard to avoid.  For those wishing to remain speechless they can enjoy the rich wood paneling and cut glass mirrors in this most comfortable pub.


Red Lion (Nicholson's Free House) Saint James Sq. [143 M2]

2 Duke of York St SW1 off Jermyn St (Yes, the spelling is correct)

Phone 020 7930-2030

Green Park or Piccadilly Station

The interior or exterior features are architecturally impressive.

You have to go just to look at the cut glass mirrors.  This was an old Gin palace, which means the glass is very decorated; similar to The Albert.  It is a real treat to have a few here.  Looking beyond the glass the pub has find ale and is very popular at night.


Red Lion (Watney’s) St. James [145 M3]

23 Crown Passage SW1 off Pall Mall

Phone 020 7930-8067

Green Park or Piccadilly Station

You must look for Crown Passage for it is a small opening in a wall.  Once through you will see the Lion and other small village shops.  Just going to this pub makes you feel like you are going back in time.


Rising Sun (Young's) Pinlico [76]

46 Ebury Bridge Rd SW1

Phone 020 7730-4088

Sloane Square Station


Royal Court Tavern (Samuel Smith) Sloane Square

8 Sloane Square SW1

Sloane Square Station


Royal Oak (Young's) Westminster

Regency St SW1


St George (Bass) Victoria-Belgravia [145 K8]

Hugh Street SW1 at Belgrave Rd and Eccleson

Victoria Station

            This is the pub I see pilling into Gatwick Express The fireplace opens to the pub and dining room.


Shakepeare (Scottish-Courage) Victoria [145 K7]

99 Buckingham Palace Rd SW1

Could be 93. Was the Shakes, formerly the Shakespeare

Phone 020 7828-4913

Victoria Station

What better spot to put a good size pub than next to a bus depot.  The place has two good size rooms for service.  The pub is large as pubs go and it has plenty of room for everyone.  The entrance on Terminus Place brings you in to the restaurant.  This is large enough to have smoking and non-smoking areas and still keeps you away from the bar.  This is one pub in which you at seated and served for meals.


Silver Cross (Inntrepreneur) Whitehall [146 C2]

33 Whitehall SW1

Phone 020 7930-8350

Charing Cross or Whitehall Station


Speaker Westminster

Great Peter St SW1 at Perk St

St. James Park Station


Stage Door (formerly Chef & Brewer) Victoria [145 L7]

3 Allington St SW1 off Victoria St

Phone 020 7828-7003

Victoria Station

Very warn look to the place but not always busy.  You will find a good ale here.


Star Tavern (Fuller's) Belgravia [145 G6]

6 Belgrave Mews West SW1

Phone 020 7235-3019

Knightsbridge or Hyde Park Station

Two real fires burning in winter for Fuller's lovers.  They have two rooms or one big room depending on how you look at things.  In any event if you can find a seat and get in on a conversation you may never get on with your crawl.  The name of the Pub is located on the top of the building and can be seen a few streets away.


Tattershall Castle

King’s Reach, Victoria

Embankment SW1

Phone 020 7839-6548

Embankment Station


Tattersails Tavern (Scottish-Courage, formerly Chef & Brewer) [144 E5]

2 Knightsbridge Green SW1 at Ralphael St

Knightsbridge Station


Travellers Tavern (formerly Chef & Brewer) Victoria

4 Elizabeth St SW1

Victoria Station


Turks Head (Free House) Belgravia [145 G6]

10 Motcomb St. SW1

Knightsbridge or Hyde Park Station


Two Chairmen (Inntrepreneur, formerly Chef & Brewer) Westminster [146 B5]

39 Dartmouth St SW1, at the bend in the street

Phone 020 7222-8694

St. James Park Station


Two Chairmen (Inntrepreneur) St. James [146 B2]

Warwick House St SW1 off Cockspur St

Phone 020 7930-1166

Charing Cross Station


Victoria (formerly Chef & Brewer) Belgravia  [145 K7]

56 Buckingham Palace Road SW1 at Lower Belgrave St

(Entrance is on Lower Belgrave St.)

Victoria Station

A rustic looking pub with sawdust on a wood floor.  There are many pubs in this area, but this is the nicest.  The entrance in on Lower Belgrave Street since the original pub was torn down to makes the current building and the pub entrance was moved to the side. The entrance is not as ornate as one might expect but it is recognizable for being attached to a modern building. Once inside you will be greeted with soft light, worn wood and a warm selection of ales in an atmosphere of calm. Passing through the entry is like passing through time. 


Westminster Arms (Free House) Westminster-St. James  [146 B5]

9 Storey’s Gate SW1 between Lewisham and Mathew Parker St

Phone 020 7222-8520

St. James Park Station


JD Wetherspoon (JD Wetherspoon Free House) Victoria [145 K7]

Victoria Rail Station SW1

Wetherspoon's pubs are noted to serve a good pint at a good price. Having a pub in a train Station is reason to hike the price up a bit but not here. With a broad selection of ale and good food I can only wonder how many people have missed the train home. Looking out of this upper level pub give the observer a grand view to a splendid Victorian rail Station.


White Swan (Scottish-Courage)

14 Vauxhall Bridge Rd SW1

Phone 020 7821-6568

Pimlico Station


Wilton Arms (Whitbread Free House) Belgravia [145 G5]

71 Kennerton St SW1 off Wilton Place

Phone 020 7235-4854

Knightsbridge Station

For good looks this is one of the nicest around.  With a fireplace, paneled walls and library you are made to feel like you are at home.  The mews in Belgravia have many excellent pubs and this is one of the better ones.  Just remember not to exercise your dog here.