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Posted November 2004


The Districts of Southwark, The Borough & Waterloo

This area is South of the Thames and is not as bad as many tourists are lead to believe.But it is off the mainstream and I would use some caution at night.My pub-crawls take place in the afternoon since the pubs are empty and all the attractions are open.Well, the pubs are the attraction for some of us.


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locates the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.That is page 123 and grid A1.


Anchor (Courage) Bankside [147 M2 South end of Southwark Bridge]

34 Park St SE1

Phone 020 7407-1577

London Bridge Station

It has 5 bars, riverside terrace, garden terrace and a barbecue in addition to the restaurant.Much can be said about this pub and I am sorry I have not said much.It has been here for a long time and it is steeped in history.The land south of the Thames has more for tourist than first expected and the Anchor should be your tour.


Anchor & Hope Waterloo SE1


Anchor Tap (Samuel Smith) Bermondsey [148 E3] Formerly the Anchor Brew House

28 Horsleydown Lane SE1 (East of Tower Bridge)

London Bridge Station

††††††††††† For all the years I have toured London pubs I have failed to stop in.Being an old brew house can't be bad.Please somebody write me and tell me what I am missing.


Babushka Southwark [147]

173 Blackfriars Rd SE1 at Surry Road

Phone 020 7928-3693

Southwark Station


Barrow Boy & Banker (Fullerís) Southwark [147-148]

6 Borough High St SE1

Phone 020 7403-5415

London Bridge Station


Bridge House (Adams) Bermondsey [148]

Tower Bridge Rd SE1 near the south end of the bridge.

Phone 020 7403-2276

London Bridge Station

Real ale and home brew pub (I think at one time). Bermondsey Bitter and 007 brewed in house.Just across Tower Bridge (on the left side) from the Tower of London.Don't say you can't find it.


Bunch of Grapes (Free House) Southwark [148]

2 St. Thomas St SE1

Near Guys Hospital

London Bridge Station


Charles Dickens [147 K3]

Union SE1 at Riseboro


Cooperage Southwalk/Borough

Tooley St SE1

London Bridge Station


Copper (Inntrepreneur) Bermondsey [148]

208 Tower Bridge Rd SE1

London Bridge Station


Crown & Cushion

133 Westminster Bridge Rd SE1

Phone 020 7928-1899


Dogget's Coat & Badge (Nicholson's) Southwark [147 J2]

Upper Ground SE1 at Blackfriars Bridge

Blackfriars or Southwark Stations

Take the Tube to Blackfriars Station then walk across the bridge.It is on the right.Note: This is in a newer building.It may take a millennium before it can be called Ye Old.The Founders Arms is on the other side of the bridge.


Duke of Clarence Southwark [148]

Tooley St at Battle Bridge SE1

London Bridge Station


Duke of Sussex (Truman Hanbury Buxton & Co) Waterloo [147 H5]

23 Coral St SE1 at Baylis, off Waterloo Rd

Coral St is cut off of Baylis to vehicles.

Waterloo Station

††††††††††† This was a very nice pub and the patrons were delightful. For being so near Waterloo station this pub is very much a local. The bartender who may have been the manager was ever the salesman. He would encourage his regular customers to order a brand of ale they do not normally drink. The pub has a saloon entrance and a public bar entrance. You can see the large pub from Waterloo Rd and I encourage you to stroll in.


Duke of York (Sherpard Neame) Lambeth [147]

47 Borough Rd SE1

Phone 020 7403-3590

Elephant & Castle Station

Formerly the Goose & Firkin


Elephant & Castle Newington [147 K7]

Newington Causeway SE1

Elephant & Castle or Borough Stations


Fire Station Southwark-Waterloo

150 Waterloo Road at Pear (Apple is nearby) I am not joking

Phone 020 7620-2226

Waterloo Station

††††††††††† I was told this was a brew-pub but found no evidence of that during my visit. It does look to be a good drinking spot.


Florence Nightingale (Lambeth North area?)

199 Westminster Bridge Rd SE1

Phone: 020 7928 3027

Waterloo or Lambeth North Stations


Founders Arms (Young's) Southwark/Bankside [147 K2]

52 Hopton St SE1 9JH near Bankside Power Station, which is now the Tate Modern

From St. Paulís walk across the Millennium Bridge, now called the Wobblely Bridge by Londoners.

Phone 020 7928-1899

Blackfriars or Southwark Stations

Open 7 days.It looks like a green pillbox. Note: I had the best Lamb here in Jan 2003. It looks more like a restaurant than a pub. The Doggetís Coat & Badge is on the other side if the bridge.


George Inn (Whitbread) Borough [148 A3]

77 Borough High St SE1 at George Inn Yard (near to Guys Hospital)

Phone 020 7407-2056

London Bridge or Borough Stations

††††††††††† This is the pub all other pub guides write about so I will not.

I had Plum Ale here in Jan 2003.


Globe [148 A2]

Bedale St SE1 and Green Dragon Court

London Bridge Station


Goldsmiths Arms Southwark

Southwark Bridge Rd SE1 at Lant Street

Borough Station


Goose & Firkin (Free House, now Sherpard Neame) Lambeth [147]

47 Borough Rd SE1

Phone 020 7403-3590

Elephant & Castle Station

††††††††††† See Whatís Brewing, July concerning this pub. Became the Duke of York


Hercules Tavern (Inntrepreneur) Lambeth North [147 G6]

2 Kennington Rd SE1 at Hercules Rd

Phone 020 7928-6816

Lambeth North Station


HITW (Youngís) Waterloo


Waterloo Station


Hole in the Wall (Free House) Waterloo

5 Mepham St SE1 [147 G3]

Phone 020 7928-6196

Waterloo Station

Built into the stone viaduct of the train Station.This is a real ale pub and certainly not a hole in the wall.


Horniman Southwark/Borough [148 C2]

Other guides may call this the Horniman at Hay's

Tooley St SE1 off Hay's Lane (In the Hay's Gallery near the Thames)

London Bridge Station

A large place with plenty of room to eat or drink.The pub grub here is quite good and they have a large selection.


Jubilee Tavern (AKA Jubilee Inn) Waterloo [147 F4]

79 York Rd SE1 between Chicheley & Addington St

Phone 020 7928-7596

Waterloo Station


King of Belgium Southwark/Borough

186 Tooley St. SE1 at Druid St

Phone 020 7403-4112

London Bridge Station


King's Arms [147 H3]

25 Roupell St.

Phone 020 7207-0784

Waterloo Station


Kingís Arms Southwark

Newcomen Street SE1 at Tennis St

Borough or London Bridge Stations

††††††††††† Near the Sir Christopher Wren


London Scotia Bar (Iona Bars-Scottish Pub Co)

98 Bermondsey St SE1 3UB

Phone: 020 7357 7116, Web www.ionabars.com


Lord Clyde (Borough) [147 M4]

27 Clennam St SE1 off Marshalsea Rd east of Southwark Bridge Rd

Phone: 020 7407-3397

Borough Station

††††††††††† This is a delightful pub for afternoon or evening drinks. A pub that looks like a pub should, with nice features and charm. Just tucked away off Southwark Bridge Road this can be your secret place.


Market Porter Southwark/Borough [148 A2]

9 Stoney Street SE1 off Clink Street NEAR THE MARKET

Phone 020 7407-2495

London Bridge Station

Bar open M-Sat 6-8:30 AM (Drinks only) then 11-11. Sun at noon-10:30

††††††††††† Very good selection of cask-ale and they change often. Look at the badges on the wall to see what you missed.


Mulberry Bush (Young's)

Upper Ground SE1

Phone 020 7928-7940

Waterloo Station


Old Thameside Inn Southwark

Clink St. SE1 near St Mary Overy Dock

London Bridge Station


Pineapple Lambeth [start at 146 F7]

53 Hercules Rd SE1

Phone 020 7928-6579

Lambeth North Station


Prince William Henry (Young's) Southwark

217 Blackfriars Rd SE1



72 Blackfriars Rd SE1 at The Cut

Phone 020 7928-2589

Southwark Station


Rose & Crown Southwark [147 J3]

47 Columbo St SE1 off Blackfriarís Rd

Phone 020 7928-4285


Rose & Crown Southwark [147 L3]

65 Union St SE1 at Ayres (just west of Southwark Rd)

Phone: 020 7407 1191

Borough-Southwark Station

Thai food pub.


Royal Oak (Harvey & Sons-Lewes-Ltd.) Southwark/Borough [148 A5]

44 Tabard St SE1

Borough Station

Refurbished in 1996 to look like a traditional Victorian alehouse.

No Sunday opening.Saturday hours may vary.


Shipwright's Arms (Bishop's) Southwark/The Borough

88 Tooley St SE1

London Bridge Station

First Bishop's pub in to open in London.I am glad they did and so will you if you stop in.


Simon the Tanner (Sheperd Neame) Borough

231 Long Lane SE1

Phone 020 7252-0407

Borough Station


Sir Christopher Wren Southwark

Borough High Street SE1 near Newcomen Street

Borough or London Bridge Stations

††††††††††† Near the Kingís Arms on Newcomen Street and just down from the George


Southwark Pub Southwark [148 A3]

Southwark SE1 at Stoney Gate

London Bridge Station


Stag Door Southwark

Webber St SE1 at Gray St

Southwark or Lambeth North Stations

††††††††††† Gray Street is opposite Chaplin Close and this area has some theaters so oone has to wonder if the Close named after Charles?


Stamford Arms Waterloo [147 H2]

Stamford St SE1 at Broadwall

Waterloo Station or Waterloo East Rail


Trinity Arms (Free House) Southwark [147 M5]

7 Trinity St SE1 at Swan St

Phone 020 7207-5662

Borough Station


Union Jack [147 K3]

Union Street SE1 at Great Suffolk Street

Southwark Station


Wellington [147]

81 Waterloo Rd SE1

Phone 020 7928-6083

Waterloo Station


Wheatsheaf (Youngís) [148 A3]

Stoney Gate SE1 off Southwark Street

London Bridge Station

Front of the pub has two doors. One indicates Private Bar and the other Public Bar. Either of the two doors is a good choice.


White Hart

29 Cornwall Rd SE1 & Whitles, South of Stanford St

Phone: 020 7401 7151

Waterloo Station


Windmill Waterloo [147 H4]

The Cut SE1 at Windmill Walk

Waterloo Station

Thai food