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The District of Islington

††††††††††† Walking north from the Angle Station will bring you to a collection of shops, theaters and markets.You may very well see the Prime Minister or his wife.If you see me tell me what a great site this is.


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the older Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.That is page 123 and grid A1.


Angle (J.D. Wetherspoon) [62 A2]

3 Islington High St N1, Just up from Pentonville Rd

Phone: 020 7837 2218

Angle Station


Barnsbury Islington (formerly Houigans)

209-211 Liverpool St N1

Bacame a gastro pub in2003.


Beer Shop (Off-license) Hoxton/Shoreditch [142 C2]

14 Pitfield St N1 just off Old St

Phone 020 7739-3701, Web www.pitfieldbeershop.co.uk

Old Street Station

This is not a pub but rather a beer shop for take away.In addition to a large number of beers and cider one can find home brewing supplies, and other beer related items. Hours are Monday to Friday, 11.00 - 19.30 and Saturday 10.00 - 16.00.You may want to go here during daylight.The Shoreditch area is where the first London Porters were made.


Camden Head Islington [62 B1]

Essex Rd at Camden Passage N1

Angle Station (a bus would help too)


Duke of Cambridge Islington

30 St. Peter St N1

Phone: 020 7359-1877 (020 7359 3066 per Jan 2003)

Angle Station-Bus to St. Peterís St.

††††††††††† Organic pub owned by women. See Whatís Brewing, page 75 Check this with the paper as this was the pub Steve and I went to years ago.


Eagle Tavern Islington [62 C2]

2 Shepherdess Walk N1

Phone 020 7253-4715

Old Street Station

††††††††††† Probably near Eagle Wharf near the Grand Union Cannel


Faun & Firkin (Firkin)


Finca Pentonville-King's Cross [61 K2 & 140 F]

Pentonville Road N1 at Penton St

King's Cross Station


Finnock & Firkin [62 B1]

Upper St N1 at Theberton St

Angle Station (a bus would help too)


George & Vulture (Fullerís)

6 Pitfield St N1 6BU at Haberdasher

A short walk from Old Street up Pitfield past the Beer Shop

Phone 020 7253-3988

Old Street Station


Hogs Head

Upper St N1 at Islington Green

Angle Station-Bus to Islington Green or St. Peterís St.


Island Queen Islington [62 C2]

Noel Road N1 at City Road Basin

Angel Station but may be hard to get to on foot.


Kingís Head Islington/Pentonville [62 B1]

115 Upper St N1

Phone 020 7226-0364

Angel Station

This is referred to as the so-called first theater pub in London.


Nags Head

Upper St N1 near Berners Rd (and the Business Design Centre & the Mall)

Angle Station

Across from the York


Narrow Boat Islington [62 C2]

St. Peterís St N1 at Noel Rd.

Angel Station but may be hard to get to on foot.


Old Queenís Head Islingon [62 B1]

Essex Road N1 opposite Gaskin St

Angle Station (a bus would help too)


Prince Arthur

I donít know how I got this name but have yet to locate the pub


Steam Passage

Upper St N1 near Charlton Place

Near the Business Design Centre and the Mall

Angle Station

††††††††††† Across from the Nags Head and down from the York


Swan King's Cross

Caledonian Road N1 at the Grand Union Canal

King's Cross Station


Waterside Inn King's Cross

Crinan St N1 off York Way

King's Cross Station


Wenlock Arms Hoxton/Shoreditch [62 C2]

26 Wenlock Rd N1 at Stuart, off City Rd via Windsor Terrace

Phone 020 7608-3406, Web www.wenlock-arms.co.uk

Old Street (exit 1) or Angle Stations

††††††††††† If you stop in London's pubs looking for unique ale from around the county you can save quite a bit of walking time by coming here.The Wenlock Arms has quite a few beer engines dispensing some of the finer English Ales not found elsewhere in London.The North London branch of CAMRA has functions here often, which should be an endorsement of some sort.No pub tour of London is complete without stopping here.

††††††††††† Another fine real ale haven is the Head of Steam (NW1)

Owners: Steve Barns (young guy) & J. R. ďWillĒ Williams (older chap). To keep the pub operating they took a loan out with a brewer that made them a tied house. Since they paid off the loan they are a true free house and can offer beers from any brewery in the UK. And they do a splendid job of it. For years they have served cask-conditioned ales from far and wide. Most London pubs are limited in their selection and most have similar brands. The Wenlock Arms is a real treat for beer drinkers.



Upper St N1 near Charlton Place

Near the Business Design Centre and the Mall

Angle Station

Across from the Nags Head