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Posted November 2004

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Beer Writers

Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter www.beerhunter.com

Roger Proz, contributing editor, Tom Cannavan, editor at http://www.beer-pages.com/

Guild of British Beer Writers www.beerwriters.co.uk


Breweries & Brewpubs

Fuller's Smith & Turner Brewery, London www.fullers.co.uk

Green King www.greeneking.co.uk

Meantime Brewery, Greenwich www.meantimebrewing.co.uk 

Porterhouse Brewpub, Covent Garden www.porterhousebrewco.com

Young's Brewery, Wandsworth, London www.youngs.co.uk



BBC New International www.newsbbc.co.uk

BBC News London www.bbc.co.uk/london

The Campaign for Real Ale www.camra.org.uk & the Great British Beer Festival

CAMRA East London & City Branch www.pigsear.org.uk

CAMRA North London Branch www.camranorthlondon.org.uk

For preserving beer quality www.cask-marque.co.uk 

Plain English www.plainenglishcampaign.com for plain speaking

Society for the Preservation of Beer in the Wood www.spbw.com


Pubs (with their own site)

 I have more within my specific post-code pages too

The Beer Shop (bottle shop-off license) on Pitfield St N1 www.pitfieldbrewery.co.uk

Belgo Centraal WC2 www.belgo-restaurants.com

Head of Steam NW1 www.theheadofsteam.co.uk

Wenlock Arms N1 www.wenlock-arms.co.uk

White Horse, Parsons Green SW6 www.whitehorsesw6.com 


Pub Companies

Eerie pubs (not your father’s local) www.eeriepubco.com          

Enterprise Inns www.enterpriseinns.com

Laurel Pub Co. www.laurelpubco.com

JD Wetherspoon’s www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk

Scottish pub company www.ionabars.com

Wolverhampton & Dudley   www.fullpint.co.uk

Pub Guides (Not in order)

www.pubs.com   This is a very good site

www.beerintheevening.com  Is good for pubs.


www.photopolis.co.uk/pub.htm   For London pub photos

Other London Sites (Not in order)

Nigella Lawson is a food goddess  www.nigella.com

If you like Mr. Dickens, you should like   www.dennissevershouse.co.uk

If you like Dr. Samuel Johnson, you should see   www.drjh.dircon.co.uk

Official site of the royal family   www.royal.gov.uk

Welcome to the www.pool-of-london.co.uk

Irish in London, the UK or the world   www.irishabroad.com


BAA Ltd. For London Airports   www.baa.co.uk

British Embassy, Washington D.C  www.britainusa.com/embassy

British Rail information   www.britrail.com for tourists

British Tourist Authority   www.visitbritain.com

Eurostar to the Continent   www.eurostar.com

Gatwick Express   www.gatwickexpress.co.uk   to Victoria station

Heathrow Express   www.heathrowexpress.co.uk  to Paddington Station

Hotels and Apartments in London for the informed traveler, www.londonby.com

Hostels in London   www.bookbeds.com   & www.belushis.com for drinks

London Underground & transport   www.londontransport.co.uk

London Underground www.thetube.com for fairs and information

Locate a place via www.mapquest.co.uk (you need an address)

Maps for London and the UK from www.a-zmaps.co.uk

U.S. Embassy, London www.usembassy.org.uk

U.S. Transportation Security Administration   www.tsa.gov