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Posted November 2004 Revised March 2005


Most of these pubs are near the Smithfield Market and open to serve the workers who awaken long before the tourist. However many suit & tie people come in for beer and food and I have to say that I have had my share of eggs and porter as well. If you are not sure if any of these pubs open early I suggest you call them before your visit. Pubs that are open should have their outside lights on.


Fox & Anchor (Nicholson's, now Mitchells & Butlers) The Barbican [141 K5]

115 Charterhouse St EC1 across from the Central Markets

Phone 020 7253 5075 (was 0207253 4838), Web www.mitchellsandbutlers.com 

Barbican Station

I found this pub under new ownership during my 2003 summer tour but was glad to see that M&B retained the 0700 opening hour. Unfortunately their web-site does not give a lot of information on this Pub.

Open 07.00 - 22.00 Monday through Fridays.  08.00 - 12.00 Sat.  At 07.00 you can get steak and real ale or porter for breakfast.  Yes, you can have a pint at 0700.  The menu looks like it came from an American diner, a great selection and large portions.  The cook does his work behind the bar and the place smells great.  A dining room is past the bar and smaller private rooms past that.  This is different from most pubs.

The bar has the traditional look most people expect a London pub to have.  The wall opposite the bar is usually reserved for drinking, either by standing or sitting.  Here they placed tables for eating since this pub has an emphasis for early breakfast and lunch for the working bloke.


Hope Smithfield Market [141 K5]

Cowcross Street EC1 at St. John Street

Farringdon Station

            The pub is on one end of Cowcross and Farringdon Tube is at the other end. Smithfield Market is very near and I was told that the pub opens at 0400 but found it to open at 0700 during my January 2005 tour. Several pubs near the Market open early and should be easy to spot. Watch out for the cows crossing.


Market Porter Southwark

9 Stoney St SE1 off Clink Street AT THE MARKET

Southwark- Borough Market

Phone 020 7407 2495

London Bridge Underground Station

            Many tourists shy away from the land south of the Thames and they are missing out on an exciting area and good pubs. This is one of my favorites as I can get a good selection here. About six different ales are always on tap and they hale from all across England, Scotland and Wales. The pub opens Monday-Saturday from 6 to 8:30 AM (drinks only) then 11-11. Sun at noon-10:30


New Market Smithfield Market, City of London

26 Smithfield EC1A 9LB

Phone 020 7248 2464, Fax 020 7236 4748, Web www.thenewmarket.info

I am unable to access this site

Barbacan Station

They open at 0630 to 1130 then close until noon to 1500 for lunch. They stay open long after this but I did not get a closing time.

They have a traditional pub sign out front but the inside looks more like a café bar. This was a Bass pub during my August 2003. It was most enjoyable to sit here long before noon and get ready for the Great British Beer Festival.


JD Wetherspoon Pubs

Web www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk

Many Wetherspoon pubs are opening at 1000; earlier than the usual 1100 time. Friends tell me that you can buy ale at this time but I have not seen that for myself. The early opening is to tap into the coffee trade that is doing well in London. Coffee is the original non-alcoholic brew and I recommend it. Have a bite to eat too.



Other Pubs

            I have come across many pubs that say they open early (0900 or 1000) for coffee but this may not be the case when we walk by. I do not have this listed here as not to miss-lead anyone but if you spot one then do stop in.