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Posted November 2004 Revised March 2005


The District of The City

The main attractions are the Tower of London and Leadenhall market.Ok so I left out Lloyd's of London, Mansion House, Custom House and the Monument.The EC3 is the original City of London also known as the "Square Mile".London does not have a downtown like American cities do.They do have a central business district that is made up of this area and EC4.The area is simply known as "The City".


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the older Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.That is page 123 and grid A1.


Bull's Head The City [142 D8]

Leadenhall EC3 at Mitre St

Note: this is not near the Leadenhall Market but a few minutes walk to the east.

Aldgate Station


Bunch of Grapes


City F.O.B.

Lower Thames Street EC3

Phone 020 7621-0619

Monument Station

††††††††††† The FOB is a shipping term meaning Free On Board. This is near the Monument and the old Custom House, both built by Wren.


Counting House (Fullerís) Barbican

50 Cornhill St EC3

Phone 020 7283-7123

Bank Station


Cross Key (J.D. Wetherspoons) [142 B8]

Bishopsgate EC3 at Bell Inn Yard (north of Lombard St)

Monument or Bank Stations

A pub converted from a bank-office building. This Wetherspoon pub seems to have the best selection of guest ales from the lot. This pub seems to have more taps than most other pubs in the Wetherspoions chain.


East India Arms

67 Fenchurch St EC3

Aldgate Street or Monument Station (near Fenchurch Street Rail Station)



119 Fenchurch Street

Phone 020 7623-8970

Aldgate Station


Hoop & Grapes

47 Aldgate High St EC3

Aldgate Station

††††††††††† It is reputed to be the Cityís oldest tavern as the foundation dates back to 13th century. I donít know but the beer was fresh.


Hung, Drawn & Quartered


Jamaican Wine House (established 1862)

St. Michaelís Alley EC3 142B8 between Cornhill & Lombard

Bank Station

This is the site of Londonís first coffee shop, Pasqua Roseeís Head, established in 1652. The Head was destroyed in the great fire of 1666 but was rebuilt by Wren in 1668. I can find no clear date when it changed from a coffee shop to a pub. The current name is taken from the Jamaican rum and sugar traders who met in the coffee shop.


Lamb Tavern (Young's) [142 C8]

Leadenhall Market EC3 (10-12 Grand Ave)

Phone 020 7626-2454

Monument or Bank Stations

††††††††††† The market is an enclosed structure with a glass roof, which makes this pub look like a model in a display case.It has a beautiful front and its interior is just as attractive. A spiral staircase takes you to an upper balcony area.


Liberty Bounds


New Moon [142 C8]

88 Gracechurch EC3 at Bishopsgate (Up from The Cross Keys)

This is at the entrance to Leadenhall Market

Monument or Bank Station


Old Tea Warehouse (Green King) Fenchurch St [144 D8]

Creechurch Lane EC3

Monument or Tower Hill stations

††††††††††† This was formerly a tea warehouse but now a pub since 1996 with a 999-year lease.It has three bars, a wine house and an external courtyard for drinking.They will, of course, serve tea.During refurbishment it was found that the floorboards were insulated with a layer of tea.The building sits on a former graveyard or Monastery and old bones were found.It seems appropriate that Green King should take this place.They are the makers of Abbot Ale.


Ship Tavern [142 C9]

Lime St EC3 at Ship Tavern Street (at Leadenhall Market)

Can be entered from Bishiopsgate at Talbolt

Monument or Bank Stations


Swan (Fuller's) The City [142 C9]

77 Gracechurch St EC3 at Ship Tavern Passage (Near Leadenhall Market)

Phone 020 7283-7712

Monument or Bank Stations


Tiger City of London [148 E1]

1 Tower Hill EC3 west of Tower Bridge Approach

Tower Hill Station

††††††††††† This pub is opposite the Tower and is said to have a tunnel linking them together. If this were true I am sure it has long been closed.


Wine Lodge (Young's) [142]

145 Fenchurch St EC3


Woolpack [142 B8]

Finch Lane EC3 between Threadneedle & Cornhill


Ye Three Lords (Young's) Tower Hill

Minories St EC3

Tower Hill Station