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Posted November 2004 Revised March 2005


The Districts of The Barbacan & Liverpool Street Station

The Barbican Centre and Liverpool Station are prominent in this district.The Station is huge with a lot of nice shopping and eating.The area around the Station has more of the same and is very active.The Barbican is an entertainment centre for music, movies and plays.This district is certainly bustling.You will find some nice pubs east of Bishopsgate in the E1 code.


The Pubs

††††††††††† The coordinates [123 A1] locate the area in the older Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book.That is page 123 and grid A1.


Bull (TJ Bernard)

45 New St EC2 off Bishopsgate

Liverpool Street Station


City Pride (Fullerís) Clerkenwell

26 Farringdon Lane (Parallel to Farringdon Road)

Farringdon Station


City Pride (Closed)

Bishopsgate EC2 near Camomile Steet

Liverpool Station

††††††††††† Pulled down, so a useless office could be built.


City House (Youngís)

86 Bishopsgate EC2N 4AU near Camomile Street

Phone 0307 628 3371, e-mail cityhouse@youngs.co.uk

The old City Pride was pulled down along with the building some years ago. The new building houses the new City House pub run by Youngís. It is a modern pub in a modern building, but, the ales are still made in the traditional manner, thank goodness. It may have opened in 2004.


Crow Moorgate [124 A6]

22 More Street North EC2 of London Wall

More Lane, north of Fore Street

Moorgate Station

††††††††††† I saw this pub listed on the Internet but have not gone to it. It seems to have been built about the 1830ís.


Dirty Dicks (Young's) [142]

202 Bishopsgate EC2 near Middlesex St

Phone 020 7283-5888

Liverpool Street Station

Despite the name this is a very clean and well-run pub.However it does have an old-world look to it since the floor, walls, ceiling and the bar is made from real wood.


Fleetwood (Fullerís Pub of the Year 1998)

36 Willson Street EC2

Phone 020 7247-2242

Moorgate or Liverpool Street Stations


Fox [142 B3]

28 Paul St EC2 above Epworth & Scrutton St

Phone: 020 7729 5708

Open Monday through Friday only. Sister pub to the Eagle, Farringdon Rd EC1

††††††††††† This pub seems to have financial ties to Charles Wells as the beer and towels have their name. I enjoy the beers and enjoyed being here.






Hamilton Hall (J D Wetherspoon) Liverpool Street Station

The Concourse Liverpool St. Station EC2M 7PY off Bishopsgate

Phone 020 7247 3579

Liverpool Street Station


Kingís Arms (formerly Chef & Brewer) Liverpool Street

27 Wornwood St EC2

Phone 020 7588-4655

Liverpool Street Station


Lord Aberconway (Bass) Liverpool St Station area [142 C6]

73 Old Broad St (Across from Railway Tavern) EC2

Liverpool Street Station

††††††††††† This is a fine old pub with good ale and fine wines.They keep the ales at the end of the bar under cooling jackets.


Old Doctor Butlers Head (Built in 1610)

2 Masonís Ave EC2 off Coleman Street

Phone 020 77606-3504

Bank or Moorgate Stations


Pewter Platter Spitalfields

Folgate St EC2 at Blossom St

Folgate is off of Norton Folgate

Liverpool St Station

The pub was closed when I visited the nearby Denis Severís house so I will have to return.

Dennis Seversí House

18 Folgate Street Spitalfields E1 6BX

Off Norton Folgate (north of Bishopsgate) near Liverpool Street station

Phone 002 7247 4013 between 0930 and 1500, FAX 020 7377 5548




Railway Tavern (Pizza Hut Pub/Whitbread Inns) Liverpool Station area [142 C6]

Old Broad St EC2 at 15 Liverpool St

Phone 020 7283-3598

Liverpool Street Station

Expect to find a pub decked out with a railroad theme and you will be disappointed.The name comes from being across the street from Liverpool Station and not by being a shrine for railroad buffs.It is a nice pub none the less.


Red Lion (formerly Chef & Brewer) Broadgate

1 Eldon St EC2

Phone 020 7247-5381


St. Paul's Tavern (Hogshead Ale House) Barbican

Chiswell St EC2 at Milton St

Moorgate Station


Sun Broadgate Arena Area

Sun St EC2

Liverpool Street Station

††††††††††† I have seen the Sun but never went in or wrote it in my notes. But I know it to be near.


Talbot (formerly Chef & Brewer) Moorgate

64 London Wall

Phone 020 7638-1854


White Hart [142 C6]

Bishopsgate EC2 at Liverpool St

Liverpool St Station