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Posted November 2004


These are the breweries currently operating in London. See Brew Pubs of London for the brew-on-premise pubs. Check the breweries’ web-site for the latest information. It is wise to call in advance to book a tour. Some tours cost a few £’s but they give you a free pint afterwards. These are all independent breweries.


Freedom Brewery (This location is closed)

The Coach Works 80 Parsons Green Lane Fulham, London SW6

Phone 020 7731 7372 & Fax 020 7731 1218

Website unknown (see below)

Parsons Green Underground Station (come out, turn right on to Parsons Green Lane)

            Freedom operates a few brewpubs around London and the original brewery is/was located in Parsons Green. The Parsons Green site opened in 1995 and lager was the type of beer produced. The entrance to the Coach Works is across the street from the White Horse Pub. When I went to freedom.com I did not see anything that looked like it came from a brewery. Other sources tied this URL to Freedom Brewery but I don’t think they checked first. If I am wrong will someone please let me know?


Fuller’s-Smith-Turner Brewery Founded in 1875

Griffin Brewery, Chiswick Lane South, Chiscick, London W4

Phone 020 8996 2000 & Fax 020 8995 0230, www.fullers.co.uk

Trunham Green Underground Station and then a good walk

            Fuller’s provides a very good brewery tour. Similar to Young’s, the tourist gets right down on the floor of the operations. One word to those who may be afraid of heights: near the end of my tour we went across an elevated walkway and out what looked like a fire escape. It was fun for me but… Call ahead for tour arrangements. The gift shop is open everyday but Sunday.

            If you are walking down Chiswick Lane you need to use the pedestrian subway to get across the Great West Road. Walk to the pub as this is where you could pay for your tour. They may take you to the gift shop to pay and that is the start of the tour, I took several tours and was required to put on a white lab coat and safety goggles.


Meantime Brewery

2 Penhall Road off Woolwich Road

Greenwich, London SE7

Phone 020 8293 1111, Web site www.meantimebrewing.co.uk 

Charlton Rail Station

            This is a commercial brewery for contract beers including Freedom. I have not been to this brewery. Call ahead for tour arrangements. Other publications say that you can take tours but I jave not confirmed this. I also had trouble connecting to the Sever when clicking on the URL shown above. If the URL is good let me know.


Pitfield Brewery-The Beer Shop Founded in 1980

14 Pitfield Street, N1 north of Old Street

Phone 020 7739 3701

Old Street Station


            This is the brewery operation of the Beer Shop. This is a small batch brewery but they have made award-winning beers over the years. Call ahead for tour arrangements. They also have a homebrew shop next door and a large bottle selection for take-away.


Young’s Brewery Founded in 1831

68 Wandsworth High Street at Ram Street

Wandsworth, London SW18

www.youngs.co.uk or call the visitor’s center at 020 8875 7005 for tour information

Wandsworth Town Rail Station (come out the station and turn right on Old York Road)

            This was about the best brewery tour I ever experienced. Not only did I poke my head into the fermenters I was taken through the stables. Young’s is committed to cask ale and anyone who enjoys good beer should visit the brewery. The gift shop is open too and a good place to souvenir shop. Call ahead for tour arrangements and check their web-site. They have a family tour than brings small animals to the children. The company was founded in 1831 but a brewery has been on this site since 1675.


Brewery Tours Note:

I have gone on several tours at Young’s and Fullers, and I usually visit in January. Some times I have toured with a drinking buddy and once at Young’s by myself. It was always fun and the smaller the group the better I think. But it seems like the breweries don’t want to turn away customers and I don’t think you need to be in a fixed sized group to take the tour. The tour guides are great to talk to and talk you on a relaxed tour.


Pub Tours

            Pubs, in general, do not have tours. But on several occasions I have been given a tout of the basement. I once toured the basement of the Chandos, St. Martin’s Lane WC2. Seeing how the casks were set-up for service was interesting. Another interesting tour for me was at the Orange Brewery, Pimlico Rd. SW1 when it was an active brewery. This was another time when I stuck my head in the formation tank. Talking to the bartender or brewer during a quiet time can bring an invitation but they are, sorry to say, far and in between.