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Posted November 2004


Many years ago when I was younger and had a liver I started traveling to London and found pleasure in the pubs. Over the years my friends would ask me for the best ones when they came over on holiday. This inspired me to make a directory and what you see today is the result of my passion with London pubs. I was told of a must see pub on Oxford Street but was not told the exact location. So, me and my mate came up from the Oxford Circus underground and were stopped dead. Which way do we walk? This was before I found that Oxford Street has only one pub, the Tottenham, and it was not here. We needed more information. The vast collection of pub guides only gives the address and this is not enough at times. The key feature on my site is to give the cross street and other information to pin-point the pub on a map. Some of my entries do not have this but I am working on them. My site is more of a directory than a guide but I have comments on many of the pubs. Feedback is welcomed.


            When I can I try to give the owner of the pub but this is becoming a chore as ownership seems to change all too quickly. Over the years pubs have been bought and sold like a commodity and keeping track of owners and beer selection is enough to make you drink. The pub is an English national treasure and the soul of the country. I remember this quote by Joseph Hilaire Pierre Belloc (1870-1953), English poet born in France. ďWhen you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves, for you have lost the last of EnglandĒ in speaking about losing a local pub. I raise my pint to Mr. Belloc.


            Anyway, I try and note the owner and former owner of a pub as well as the former or new name. They may change before I can update. But as I have said, this is not a guide but a directory to help you find a pub. You will find your favorite pub when you see it. We all have different takes on what we see and having a good time in a pub with friends or spicy girls will no doubt make it your favorite.



Ed Vidunas