Fred Warner's German Restaurant

Cumberland, Maryland

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I may drink beer in Baltimore but I live in Pittsburgh. Now I may not know if I am coming or going but I do know the best German restaurant this side of the Rhine is in a small town just south of Cumberland, Maryland. The place is:

Fred Warner's German Restaurant

Route 220

Cresaptown, Maryland 21502

Phone: 1-301-729-2361

See below for hours.

From Interstate 68 at Cumberland take exit 42, which is Rt. 220, and go south. Do not take truck Rt. 220. The restaurant is just 5 minutes away. It will be on you left.

You have three reasons to stop at Fred's. The décor, the aroma and the taste. As you enter, before you see anything your nose will tell you that you have entered heaven. If it weren't for the fine aroma that greets you at the door you would think you were walking into a museum. Every nook and cranny displays a German Artifact, some new, some old but all German. These may get you in the door but after you taste the food you may not want to leave. They have some German beer but this is not a bar.

The restaurant has a Sunday brunch as well as serving off the menu. However the highlight is the various "fests" throughout the year. They start with a Spring Fest in May. A Summer Fest in August. The big Oktoberfest in October, of course, and a Christmas fest in December. I will post the information when I get it.

Closed on Monday.

Tuesday thru Friday the hours are 4 PM to 9 PM.

Saturday hours go from noon to 9 PM.

Sunday is from noon to 7 PM.

The 1998 Maifest is May 15 to the 24th.

You never know when Fred may change this so if you are going out of your way to get here you may want to call to be sure.

Thanks to my friend Dave Pratt for showing me this place.

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