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Home of the Mystery Sandwich
107 W. 8th Avenue
At the end of the Homestead Grays High Level Bridge over the Monogahela River.
Homestead, Pa. 15120
Phone: 412-461-3113

Owner: Joe Chiodo (Pronounced key-O-doe)

For many, the best way is the Parkway East, I-376, using the Homestead exit at the West Side of the Squirrel Hill Tunnels. Continue on Beechwood Blvd. and straight down Brownshill Road to the High Level Bridge. They are located at the end of the bridge on the right. Please note that Chiodo's does not take credit cards but they should take checks. 


This is not just a bar but a living museum. You expect a few things on a wall of a bar but when Joe put a few things up in 1947 he forgot to stop. Let me know if you like the wood shelves for the beer. I made them for Joe. This is one of the best bars in the area. Ask to see and sign their guest books. Chiodo's celebrated 50 years on October 17, 1997.

 Bar Hours

Figure an 11:00 AM opening. Closed on Sunday

 Happy Hour

The happy hour changes some but they do have the best price in town for drinks. 

Holiday Closing

Chiodo's was open most holidays but with Sam gone so are the holiday openings. 

Beer, Wines & Spirits

Chiodo's is noted for their bottle selection of beers. They have a wide range of microbrews and imports. On draft you will find Penn Dark and Guinness ($3.00 a pint), and at times another micro. For shots and mixed drinks you will find your pleasure here.  As in any find Italian bar you will also get a nice glass of wine too. What you will not find is tiny cocktails with toy umbrellas in them.


As to be expected it is American-Italian, which means it is very good and plentiful. You can eat at the bar (except children) but why miss out on the coziness. The dining room has an excellent array of Italian and European food. The hallmark is the famous Mystery Sandwich. I can't tell you what it is because it's still a mystery. You can buy it whole or half. Get the whole and see what you get. You will get the best fries here because they still cut them fresh from whole potatoes. Friday is a good day for fish and the best fish is here. It is not only delicious but also a whale on a bun.

 Food Hours

Monday-Saturday, 11:00AM to Midnight


Juke Box music. They are one of the last bars to have a 25 foot shuffle board. It may be said too that the bar itself is entertaining.

 Cigar Smoking

Smoking the big one is OK at the bar and out back on the patio. In-as-much as cigar smoking is big here they do not sell cigars.

 Cash Problem?

PNC Bank has an ATM inside the Giant Eagle in the Waterfront (not 24hrs)


Do not park in the private lots. Chiodo’s has three spaces in the rear but street parking has been reduced over the years. Feed the meters before 6pm.

Legal Notice

My visits may be infrequent and the owners may make changes at any time. In as much as they like to see me never tell me what they are doing. Call them or visit their web-site for the latest scoop. Please update me if you see an error or omission on my part.


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