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A Directory of over 450 Central London Pubs by Post Code

Every pub is within London Underground Zone 1

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Features in the district



British Museum


Covent Garden

The Market


Soho, Marylebone & Mayfair



Bayswater & Paddington

Toy & Model Museum



High Street Shopping


Notting Hill

Portobello Flea Market




The Government



The In Crowd


Earl's Court

Exposition Centre



History and V & A Museums



Southwark, Borough, Waterloo

London Dungeon



City of London, Clerkenwell

No Tourists


City of London, Barbican

The Barbican Centre


City of London, Tower Hill

St. Katharine Dock


City of London, Fleet Street

Dr. Johnson's House



Spitalfields Market




Grand Union Canal


Somers Town

Camden Passage


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The Postal Code

The postal code given here may conflict with those given in other publications. The code does not follow borough lines or anything else that may make sense. When I have doubt I check with my A-Z map that has the boundaries of the code and boroughs. This governs for me but if you think I am wrong let me know (and why).


This is not a review of pubs or an aid to pub crawling but a directory of pubs in the above postal code. The emphasis is helping you find a pub by name. If I have been to the pub I will make some comments but not always. Please do not take my silence as a negative review.

I try and include the owner of the pub but this is becoming quite a job to do. Several of the big boys buy each other's pubs in what seems to be an annual event. It is important to know who owns the pub since it will be an indication of the beer selection. But it seems that I find new names on old pubs every year. That is good, as well as bad at times, for we drinkers. Just bear with me and remember that the sigh maker works faster than I do at updating pubs.

To be up and up with you this site originates in Pittsburgh, Pa. This is where I live but I feel that I am a Londoner at heart and drink and try to pop over as much as I can. So far I have been lucky to be able to visit every January. My site may not have the razzle dazzle other sites have but I hope you get the information you need to find a pub.

This is a work in progress. Some pubs have limited or no information but will be updated when it comes my way. I am trying to list all pubs in zone 1 and I even list pubs that have closed or changed names just in case somebody is looking for an old favorite. This is a big directory and I have no staff willing to work for free so please go easy on me if you find an error or two.

To contact me, Ed Vidunas, e mail me at

Don’t be shy about giving me information as to what you may be looking for.

My sincere thanks to Ralph Colaizzi for getting this on the net for me.