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The Districts
The coordinates [123 A1] locates the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book. That is page 123 and grid A1. This is a big area in London's West End and to make my life easy I did not break the pubs into groups.

Tucked between Oxford St, Charring Cross Road, Shaftesbury Avenue and Regent Street. Soho is the hub of activity all hours of the night. But the pubs still close at 11 PM.

Fashionable Mayfair is in stark contrast to its neighbor Soho. Between Regent Street, Park Lane, Oxford St and Piccadilly, it is the fashionable place to be seen. The US Embassy is here at Grosvenor Square.

Marylebone & Fitzrovia
North of Oxford Street to Regent's Park and West of Tottenham Court Road and East of Edgware Road. Give or take.

The Pubs

Admiral Duncan (Scottish-Courage) Soho [140 A9]
54 Old Compton St W1 near Wardour St
Phone 020 7437-5300
Tottenham Court Road or Leicester Square stations

One can not miss the paint job out side.

Angel Tavern (Samuel Smith) Marylebone [139 H6]
Also called the Angel in the Field
37 Thayer St W1 at Marylebone Lane
Phone 020 7486-7763
Bond Street station

A very decorative, Victorian pub. My impression as I sat in this pub was being in an old English Manor house far from the city. Completely surrounded by English Oak and leaded windows to keep the outside distractions out of sight, one should not be in too much of a hurry to drink fast.

Argyll Arms (Nicholson's) Soho [139 L8]
18 Argyll St W1 off Oxford St
Phone 020 7734-6117
Oxford Circus station

This is a beautiful example of how pubs looked at one time. As you enter the ornate cut glass hall leads to two cozy saloon bars. Further back is a larger lounge bar. One can find interesting Real Ale here. Closed Sunday.

The Argyll Arms is an excellent example of type of pub that was popular in the late 1800's through the mid-1900's. It is one pub with a number of bars. The first two rooms you see upon entering are what where called Public Bars. These bars were for the working man of the day. The room in the rear was the saloon bar. This was a lounge bar for people that were well of. It was a nicer looking room but the price of a pint was a bit more.

Audley (Scottish-Courage) Mayfair [145 H1]
41 Mount St W1 at South Audley St
Phone 020 7499-1843
Bond Street station

Take a good look inside and you will see two different bars side by side. One side was a saloon bar and the other the public house. At one time this separated people by class. Food server at one end, fireplace at the other and a beautiful ceiling clock in the middle. Two blocks south from the US Embassy.

This splendid Edwardian pub is very comfortable any time of the day and still in pristine condition. Just two blocks south from the US Embassy it's in an upscale part of town. Take a good look inside and you will see two different bars side by side. One side was a lounge bar for the upper crust and the other side was the public house for people like me. People are no longer separated due to their station in life and you could end up talking to a famous actor. A food server at one end, fireplace at the other and a beautiful ceiling clock in the middle.

Baker & Oven (Free House) Marylebone [139]
10 Paddington St W1
Phone 020 7935-5088
Baker Street station

Barley Mow (Scottish-Courage)
82 Duke St. W1
Phone 020 7629-5904

Barley Mow (Nicholson's) Marylebone [138 F6]
8 Dorset St W1
Phone 020 7935-7318
Baker St. station

Bath House Soho [140 A7]
96 Dean St W1 at Fareham St
Phone 020 7437-3805

Beehive Marylebone [138 F6]
126 Crawford St W1 off Montagu Mansions
Main intersection is Crawford at Gloucester Place
Phone 020 7487-4863
Edgware Road station

Beehive (Whitbread) Marylebone [138 D6]
7 Homer St W1 at Old Marylebone Rd
Phone 020 7262-6581
Edgwar Road station

Black Horse Marylebone [140 A7]
Rathbone St W1 just north of Tottenham Court Rd
Tottenham Court Road station

Black Horse Marylebone [139]
109 Marylebone High St W1 off Saint Vincent St
Phone 020 7935-6044

Blue Post Soho [139 7M]
Berwick W1 off Oxford St
Oxford St or Tottenham Court Road stations

Blue Post (Now closed) Fitzrovia/Marylebone
Tottenham Court Road
Tottenham Court Road station
Closed in 1997 based on my Jan. 1998 trip. A new development was the cause for its demolition.

Bricklayer Arms (Scottish-Courage) Marylebone [138 F8]
6 New Quebec St W1
Phone 020 7724-9949
Marble Arch station

Bricklayer Arms (Samuel Smith) Fitzrovia [140 A7]
31 Gresse St W1 off Tottenham Court Road
Phone 020 7636-5593
Tottenham Court Road station

Burlington Bertie (Free House) Soho [140 A9]
39 Shaftesbury Ave W1 near Wardour
Phone 020 7437-0847
Piccadilly Circus station

This is a larger pub in the middle of the block. It is very nice looking but it is not a pub of yesteryear. None the less it should not be passed by if you are one of the younger (under 30) readers. I think that I saw this pub was closed during my January 2000 tour. Let me know if it is open, thank you.

Butler's Head (Nicholson's)

Carpenter Arms (Charrington) Marylebone/F [139 M5]
68 Whitfield St W1 at Howland St
Main intersection is Howland at Tottenham Court Road
Phone 020 7636-1250
Goodge St. station

Cask & Glass (Scottish-Courage)
23 Orchard St W1

Champion (Samuel Smith) Marylebone [139 M7]
12-13 Wells St W1 at East Castle
Phone 020 7323-1228
Tottenham Court Road station

It has some of the best stained glass you will see in any pub. Look for Sir Edward Hillary and other champions, hence the name. Bring your camera on a sunny day. Also the best place to stop if shopping on Oxford St. Come back at night also. It will have a different atmosphere about the place.

Clachan (Nicholson's) Soho [139 L8]
34 Kingly St W1 at Great Marlborough St
Phone 020 7734-2659
Oxford Circus station

May now be open on Sunday. This grand old pub is just off Regent Street. With fine beer and excellent food this is a good place to take a break.

Clarendon Arms Pimlico
52 Cambridge St W1
Victoria/Pimlico stations

Clifton (Nicholson's)

Coach & Horse (Whitbread) Soho [139 M8]
1 Great Marlborough St W1 at Noel & Poland St
Phone 020 7437-3282
Oxford Circus station

This was not a terribly neat looking pub but they serve traditional English Ale so we have reason to stop in. The staff was friendly and the beer was kept well. They are closed on Sunday since they are away from the main traffic.

Coach & Horse Soho [140 B8]
29 Greek St W1 at Romilly
Phone 020 7437-5920
Leicester Square station

Coach & Horses (Scottish-Courage) Mayfair [145 K1]
5 Bruton St W1
Bond St. or Green Park stations

Coachmakers Arms Marylebone [139 H7]
Marylebone Lane W1 and Bentinck St
Bond Street station

Cock (Samuel Smith) Marylebone [139 L6]
27 Great Portland St W1
Phone 020 7631-5002
Oxford Circus station

Cock & Lion (Scottish-Courage) Marylebone
62 Wigmore St W1 near Marylebone Lane
Bond Street station

Columbia Bar (Young's) Aldwych

Crown Soho [139]
64 Brewer St W1
Phone 020 7734-0466

Crown & Sceptre Marylebone [139 K4?]
86 Great Titchfield St W1
Phone 020 7636-2658
Great Portland Street station

Crown and Two Chairmen (Nicholson's) Soho [140 A8]
31 Dean St W1 at Bateman
Phone 020 7437-8192
Tottenham Court Road station

De Hems Soho [140 B9]
11 Macclesfield St W1
Piccadilly Circus station

Devonshire Arms St. James [145 M2]
7 Duke St W1
Piccadilly Circus station

Devonshire Arms (Nicholson's) Marylebone [139]
21a Devonshire St W1
Phone 020 7935-8327
Regent’s Park station

Dog and Duck (Nicholson's) Soho [140 A8]
18 Bateman St W1 at Firth
Phone 020 7437-3478
Tottenham Court Road or Leicester Square stations

Dover Castle (Samuel Smith) Marylebone [139 J5]
43 Weymouth Mews W1
Regent’s Park station

Mirrors are still in the ceiling so the coachmen, drinking in one bar, could see when their employers where drinking up in the other bar. This is a typical pub that was separated for the haves and have-nots.

Duke of Argyll Soho [139 M9]
Lexington W1 off Brewer St
Piccadilly Circus station

Duke of Argyll Soho [140 A9]
Great Windmill St W1 at Brewer St

Duke of York (Green King) Marylebone/Fitzrovia [140 A6]
47 Rathbone St W1 at Charlotte, at Percy
Phone 020 7636-7065

Falcon Tavern (Young’s) Soho/Chinatown [140 A9]
20 Waldour St. at Lisle St W1
Phone 020 7437-5181
Leicester Square station

Fitzroy Tavern (Samuel Smith) Fitzrovia/Marylebone [140 A6]
16 Charlotte St W1 at Windmill St
Goodge Street station

Flintlock & Firkin Fitzrovia/Marylebone [139 M4]
108A Tottenham Court Road (West Side) W1 at Maple St
Phone 020 7387-6199
Goodge Street station

French House Soho [140 A9]
49 Dean St W1 at Romilly
Phone 020 7437-2799
Leicester Square station

A small and friendly pub despite being French. Just don't have your mobile phone go off. This pub was taken over by the French resistance during the war and still flies the tricolor. You can buy beer here but only half-pints.


George Marylebone
55 Great Portland St W1 and Mortimar St
Phone 020 7636-0863
Oxford Circus station
Just around the corner from St George's church and the BBC.

The Glassblower (Scottish-Courage) Soho [145 M1]
42 Glassblower St W1 at Brewer St
Phone 020 7734-8547
Piccadilly Circus station

Real Ale on tap. This is a cozy pub like you would expect to see on TV. For being in the thick of it, this pub does not try to be anything but a pub. Opens at 12.00 Sundays.

Glasshouse Stores (Samuel Smith) Soho
55 Brewer St W1
Phone 020 7287-5278
Piccadilly Circus station

Globe Marylebone [138 F5]
43 Marylbone Rd NW1 off Baker St
Phone 020 7935-6368
Baker Street station

Golden Eagle (Free House) Marylebone [139 H6]
59 Marylebone Lane W1 at Bulstrode St
Phone 020 7935-3228
Bond Street station

Golden Lion Soho [140]
51 Dean St W1
Phone 020 7434-0661
Piccadilly Circus station

Green Man
36 Riding House St W1

Green Man (Charrington) Soho [139 M7]
57 Berwick St W1 off Oxford St
Phone 020 7437-1755
Oxford Circus station


Guinea (Young's) Mayfair
30 Bruton Place W1 the northern part east of Berkley Square
Green Park station

Henry Holland St. James
39 Duke St W1
Phone 020 7629-4426

Hog in the Pound (Scottish-Courage) Mayfair [139 J8]
28 South Molton St W1 off Oxford St
Phone 020 7493-7720
Bond Street station

Hogshead in St. James (Whitbread)
11 Derling St W1
Phone 020 7629-0531
St. James Park station

Hope (Free House) Marylebone [139 M5]
15 Tottenham Street W1 just west off Tottenham Court Road
Phone 020 7637-0896
Goodge Street or Tottenham Court Road stations

Horse & Groom (Samuel Smith) Marylebone [139]
128 Great Portland St W1 near New Cavendish St
Great Portland Street station

I am the only running footman (see Running Footman, I am the only)

Intrepid Fox Soho
99 Wardour St W1

Jack Horner (Fuller's) Bloomsbury [140 A6]
236 Tottenham Court Road (East Side) W1 at Bayley St
Phone 020 7636-2868
Goodge Street or Tottenham Court Road stations

You will not see little Jack Horner sitting in a corner of this Fuller's Ale & Pie pub, but you can still get the pie along with Real Ale. This is a good pub to be in.

John Snow (Samuel Smith) Soho [139 M8]
39 Broadwick W1 at Lexington
Phone 020 7437-134
Piccadilly Circus station

King & Queen Marylebone [139 L6]
1 Foley St. W1
Phone 020 7636-5619
Goodge Street station

Kings Arms Marylebone [139 K6]
Riding House St W1 off Langham Place
Oxford Circus station

Lamb and Flag Marylebone [139 H8]
24 James W1 at Barrett St
Phone 020 7408-0132
Bond Street station

Marlborough Head (Scottish-Courage)
24 North Audley St W1
Phone 020 7629-5981

Mash (Brewpub) Marylebone
19 Great Portland St W1
Oxford Circus station

I walked by this pub for three days before I realized that it was a pub. It looks more like a nightclub but brewing equipment stands at the rear of the room. The beers are very good but a bit more in price than older pubs. I do recommend stopping in.

Mason Arms (Scottish-Courage) Mayfair [139 K9]
38 Maddox St W1 at Mill St
Phone 020 7491-7809
Oxford Circus station

Mason Arms (Scottish-Courage) Marylebone [139]
58 Devonshire Row W1
Phone 020 7580-6501
Regent's Park station

Molly Mogs Soho [140 B8]
2 Old Compton St W1 at Charing Cross Rd
Phone 020 7437-1786
Leicester Square station

Moon and Sixpence Soho [139 M8]
181 Wardour St W1 at Noel
Phone 020 7734-1344
Tottenham Court station

Moon Under Water (JD Wetherspoon)
Charing Cross Rd at Phoenix St (just up from Molly Mogg's)
An entrance is on Greek Street also.
Leicester Square station

Mortimer Arms (Taylor-Walker) Bloomsbury [139 M4]
Tottenham Court Road W1 at Capper St
Warren Street station

Nellie Dean (Inntrepreneur) Soho [140 A7]
89 Dean St W1 at Great Chapel St
Phone 020 7734-2572
Tottenham Court Road station

Newman Arms Marylebone [140 A7]
23 Rathbone St. W1 (through the alley from Fritzroy)
Phone 020 7636-1127
Tottenham Court Road station

Northumberland Arms (Nicholson's) Fitzrovia [139 M6]
Goodge St W1 at Charlotte St
Goodge Street station

O Bar Soho
83 Wardour St W1
Phone 020 7437-3490
Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus stations
I would not call this a pub. No Ale on draft.

O'Conordon Marylebone
Marylebone Lane W1

Old Coffee House (Inntrepreneur) Soho [139 M9]
49 Beak St W1 at Marshall
Phone 020 7437-2197
Oxford Circus station
Piccadilly Circus station

In the 1700’s, coffeehouses were the pubs of their day. Many became pubs, but this one chose to always be called the Old Coffee House. Closed weekends.

O’Neills Marylebone [138 F7]
56 Blandford St W1
Phone 020 7935-1812
Marble Arch station

Pillars of Hercules (Scottish-Courage) Soho [140 B8]
7 Greek St W1 at Manette St
Phone 020 7437-1179
Tottenham Court Road station

A splendid yet slender Real Ale pub. It is rather small inside with very little room between the bar and back wall. Further back the room opens wide on an elevated seating area. Being a S&N pub means they have fine real ales on tap. Can’t fine it? It’s behind Foyles bookstore on Charing Cross Rd.
Not to be confused with the Hercules Pillers 18 Great Queen St WC2

Pitcher and Piano Soho [140 A8]
69 Dean St W1 at Meard St
Phone 020 7434-3585
Tottenham Court Road station

Pontefact Castle Marylebone [139 H7]
71 Wigmore St W1 at St. Chrisopher’s Place
Phone 020 7486-3551
Bond Street station

Prince Albert (Charrington) Marylebone [139 H5]
Marylebone High St W1 at Nottingham
Baker Street station

Prince Alfred Marylebone [139 H7]
118 Marylebone Lane W1 at Bulstrode Place
Phone 020 7486-0828
Bond Street station

Prince Regent Marylebone
Marylebone High St W1 up from Devonshire St
Baker Street station

Rat & Parrot Soho [140 A9]
Winnett & Wardour W1
Leicester Square station

Red Lion Mayfair [145 J2]
1 Waverton W1 at Charles St
Green Park station

A beautiful and tiny pub tucked away at the end of Charles Street. It is away from the tourist routes and is used mostly by the locals and office workers. Open 7 days a week.
Charles Street is in a very quiet residential area. The sidewalk near the pub is so narrow one must step out into the street to get around waste bags the night before collection. Reaching for the door brings a sense of stepping back in time. If anything you step into a well-respected pub that radiates warmth. A food service is on the left and a multi-star restaurant is toward the rear. Seating is to the right and a small room is in the rear.

Red Lion (Samuel Smith) Soho [139]
14 Kingly St W1
Phone 020 7734-4985
Oxford Circus station

Rising Sun (Scottish-Courage) [140]
46 Tottenham Court Road W1
Phone 020 7636-6530
Tottenham Court/Goodge Street stations

Rising Sun Marylebone [139 H5] +List
79 Marylebone High St W1 at Paddington St
Baker Street or Regent’s Park station

Rising Sun Marylebone [139 H5]
79 Marylebone High St W1
Baker Street or Regent's Park stations

Rose & Crown (Inntrepreneur) Mayfair [145 J3]
2 Old Park Lane W1
Phone 020 7499-1980
Hyde Park Corner or Green Park stations

Rose and Crown (Samuel Smith) Marylebone/F [139]
81 Newman St W1
Phone 020 7637-8958
Goodge Street or Tottenham Court Road stations

Roundhouse (Scottish-Courage) Covent Garden [140 C9]
1 Garrick St W1 at New Row
Phone 020 7836-9838
Covent Garden or Leicester Square stations

With a rotating line of fine ales and stouts, this pub is the place to drink. Great pub food too. This is a must stop pub. They do have some of the finer ales from the country, which is becoming rare in London.

Running Footman, I am the only Mayfair [146 J2]
Charles St W1 at Hays Mews
Green Park station
A bit on the small side and most of the patrons are locals.

Running Horse (Scottish-Courage)
50 Davies St W1
Phone 020 7493-1275

St. James Tavern (Scottish-Courage) Soho [140 A9] [61 H7 listed in A-Z only]
45 Great Windmill St W1
Phone 020 7437-5009
Piccadilly Circus station

Samuel Pepys Mayfair [145]
Clarges W1 off Curzon St
Green Park station

Scruffy Murphy's (Talyor-Walker) Soho [145 M1]
15 Denman St W1 next to the Piccadilly Theater
Phone 020 7437-1540
Piccadilly station

Shepherds Tavern (Scottish-Courage) Mayfair/ Shepherd’s Market [145 J3]
50 Hertford St W1
Phone 020 7499-3017

Spice of Life (McMullen)
Soho [144 E8]
6 Moore St W1 at Charing Cross Rd
34 Romilly St W1 (in phone book)
Phone 020 7437-7013
Leicester Square station

This is a good size pub that is near a great many others. The McMullen ales are the reason to enter.

Sun & 13 Cantons Soho [139 M9]
21 Great Pulteney St W1 at Beak St
Phone 020 7734-0934
Piccadilly station

Sutton Arms (Green King) [141 K5]
Charterhouse St
Barbican station

Three Greyhounds (Nicholson's) Soho [140 B8]
25 Greek St W1 at Old Compton St
Phone 020 7287-0754
Leicester Square station

Three Tunns Marylebone [139 G8]
1 Portman Mews South W1
Bond Street or Marble Arch stations

Tottenham Marylebone [140 B7]
6 Oxford St W1 off Tottenham Court Road
Phone 020 7636-7201
Tottenham Court Road station

At one time Oxford Street had many fine pubs and was a residential avenue. This is the only one left on Oxford Street. If you plan a shopping spree here this pub makes a good finish.

Toucan Soho [140 A8]
19 Carlise W1 off Denham
Phone 020 7437-4123
Leicester Square station
The name of this pub is after one of the adverts in the Guinness theme. This is an Irish pub to be sure.

Wargrave Arms (Young's) Marylebone
42 Brendon St W1

Windmill (Young’s) Mayfair [139 L9]
6 Mill St W1 off Conduit St
Phone 020 7491-8050
Bond Street station

Woodstock (Scottish-Courage) Mayfair [139 J8]
11 Woodstock St W1
Phone 020 7408-2008
Bond Street station

Worcester Arms (Free House) Marylebone [138 F7]
89 George St W1 at Gloucester Place
Phone 020 7935-6050
Marble Arch station

Ye Grapes (Free House) Shepherd Market/Mayfair [145 J3]
16 Shepherd Market W1 between White Horse & Curzon St
White Horse is entered from Piccadilly
Phone 020 7499-1563
Green Park station

This is a true Free House for it is privately owned and not tied to any corporation. It is open every day. With a coal fireplace and Persian rugs on an old wood floor the ales just seen to taste better. At the front corner of the pub is an elevated seating area that puts you and your friends above all other drinkers.

Ye Old Surgeon Bloomsbury [139 M4]
183 Tottenham Court Road W1 down from Capper
Phone 020 7631-3618
Warren Street station

Yorkshire Grey (Samuel Smith) Marylebone [139 K6]
46 Langham St W1
Phone 020 7636-4788
Oxford Circus station

Not to be confused with the Yorkshire Grey 2 Theobald’s Road WC1

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