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The District

This is the real city of London that burned in 1666. Everyplace to the west is the City of Westminster. A walk around here could take days even without stopping to see the pubs. Starting from the west is the Temple and Dr. Johnson's house. Moving east is the Old Bailey and St. Paul's. In between are hundreds of shops and sites that will keep both husband and wife occupied for hours.

The Pubs

The coordinates [123 A1] locates the area in the Geographer's AZ London Street Atlas, the small book. That is page 123 and grid A1.

Banker (Fuller’s) [148 A1]
Cousin Lane EC4 (West of Cannon St Rail station)
Phone 020 7283-5206
Cannon St station

Old Bank of England (Fuller's) [141 G8]
194 Fleet St. EC4 at Bell Yard
Phone 020 7430-2255
Blackfriars station

As the name says, this was the old Bank of England. The building is large but the island bar takes up a bit of room. All Fuller's Pubs are great but this is the best looking. Additional seating is in the rear and out of the way dining is up the stairs.

Old Bell Tavern
95 Fleet St EC4
Phone 020 7583-0070
Blackfriars station

99 Fleet Street EC4 near New Bridge
Phone 020 7353-6658
Blackfriars station

Scruffy Murphy's
Fleet Street EC4
Next to Cheshire Cheese
Blackfriars station

This is a make believe Irish type pub.

Tipperary City of London [141 H8]
Fleet St EC4 at Whitefriars
Blackfriars station
This is a nice looking Irish type pub.

Toad in the Hole Holborn [141 H7]
St. Andrew St EC4 (In Athene House) at Shoe Lane
Chancery Lane station

Vintry [141 M9]
30 Queen St EC4
Mansion House station

Williamson's The City
Watling St EC4 west of King St
Mansion House station
It may be hard to spot but look for the pub sign out front.

Witness Box (Scottish-Courage) Embankment/Temple [141 H9]
36 Tudor St EC4
Phone 020 7353-6427
Temple or Blackfriars stations

Ye Olde Cock Tavern Temple
Fleet St EC4
Temple or Blackfriars stations

Ye Olde Watling (Bass) The City
29 Walting St EC4 at Bow west of King St
Mansion House station

This is a nice little pub with a game and TV room in the rear. A sign in the pub, carve in wood, states that the Society for the Preservation of Beer from the Wood meets here. If anyone from the society is reading this I say to you "never give up, never give up".

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (Samuel Smith) The City [141 H8]
145 Fleet St EC4 at Wine Office Court (Enter through Wine Office Court)
Phone 020 7353-6170
Blackfriar station

Closed Sat. & Sun. Open to 21.00. Near Dr. Johnson’s House. It has a bar (the pub, not the house) on each of the three floors. A classic English pub.

This is one of the nicest looking pubs and I should write more about it. In the winter the fireplace is doing fine and can make the small bar cozy. The ground floor bar is so small that most of the people may be too close to the fire. Anyone who thinks English food is bad has never had a fine meal here.

This pub is very near Dr. Johnson's house. He is noted for his many quotes and this is my favorite. "There are two reasons to drink. One is when you are thirsty, to cure it. The other is when you are not, to prevent it." He never did say how one gets thirsty?

Not to be confused with the Ye Old Cheshire Cheese at 5 Little Essex St. WC2.

Ye Olde London The City
Ludgate Hill EC4 near Old Bailey
St Paul's or Blackfriars stations

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